ONLINE PRIVACYThere are many reasons why we should not take the internet so lightly. Having a secure online platform will guard you against cyber attacks. You should verify and cross check all the links you see on the net before opening them. Most links are diversions placed on the net by hackers. We are going to look at the safety tips you need to adhere to so as to maintain security and privacy online. Continue reading “Online Privacy Tools to Use to Protect Yourself”

ONLINEOnline Security becomes even more important when you run an online business. Whether you are running a service business like carpet cleaning or offering tangible products, it is imperative to take the essential steps to protect your online business. Failing to protect your online business would let hackers steal vital customer information which would destroy your business reputation, or malware could bring down your business, imagine the loss! It is wise to put safeguards in place, below are some recommended steps to do so. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Online Business and Customers”

SOCIALThe internet has made life easier in multiple ways. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media accounts have become an integral part of our lives. These accounts enable us to stay connected to the world and know what is happening all over the globe. However, there is the need to protect your online privacy to reduce the chances of getting abused.

There are some reliable tools you can use to protect your social media account to prevent them from being compromised. Here, we take a look at these tools. Continue reading “How to Securely Protect your Social Media Accounts from Online Abuse”

cyber securityThrough using a range of IT equipment and the Internet for advertising and selling online, many businesses have made great strides towards success.  Although the Internet brings tremendous business opportunities and benefits, it also brings risks. Every day cyber criminals are advancing their activities to steal sensitive business information. There is no time you can consider yourself to be 100% foolproof of being hacked, but you can always minimize the chances of such happening.

Cyber security is about protecting your IT equipment including computers and phones, and information from unauthorized access, theft, change or destruction. It is ensuring that the policies for information security in your business are guided by the CIA triad,(Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability). Good cyber security policies can enhance the reputation of your business, hence, opening up new commercial opportunities.

You can keep your business and customer information safe and protected against online threats by putting some simple measures in place. Being an IT expert is not necessary as these actions are simple, and you can easily follow them to improve your security. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Cyber Security”

PRIVACYOver time, the internet has become an essential resource for everyone. People rely on the internet to send/receive, financial transactions, post/share photos and messages, social networking sites, online shopping and social networking. Free public Wi-Fi hotspots have made it increasingly convenient for people to connect to the internet whenever they are away from home. However, the way people manage information online is too casual as to leave them vulnerable to identity theft and invasion of their privacy.  Below are ways in which you can guard your online privacy. Continue reading “How to Hide Your Privacy Online”

BACKUPA rule of thumb when using a personal computer is to always backup your data. Anyone can lose data at some point in their life; it could be because of an operating system crashing, hard drive failure, a ransomware holding the files hostage, or a software bug deleting all your important files. Creating a backup of your files is crucial as it reduces the risk of losing your data as a result of the aforementioned threats. The good news is, there are plenty of backup methods you can use for backing up your data. You can manually make quick copies of your files, or automatically backup your files as you do other stuff. Below is a guide on safest ways of backing up data. Continue reading “Data Backup and the Best Ways to do it”

secureMaintaining proper internet security can help protect you from fraud. As Information Technology keeps advancing so does the options for communicating, banking and purchasing online. This means you are doing almost everything through the Internet. You thus need to safeguard your privacy and secure your data while online using your personal computer, tablet or mobile device.

Below are ten tips you can use to ensure your information, online purchases, and communications are less insecure; Continue reading “Tips to Guarantee Your Online Security”